Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tang Museum

Sunday, September 21.  Saratoga Springs.  Gorgeous day.  Visit to the Tang Museum.  

My favorite piece will not look like much in the picture.  It includes motion and sounds so you really have to be there.  But here is the bench you can sit on:  


Here is what you see:  a plastic pool.  On the water many bowls and glasses in tones of white and blue are floating and being propelled by a gentle currant (from a small engine.)  

As the bowls gently dance around the pool, they hit each other and create a musical landscape of clinging sounds.  At the same time, coming from the loud speaker is a composition by David Lang (fabulous contemporary composer.)  The whole experience is magical.  

My favorite wall piece:


And a detail:   


 I enjoyed this too.  Elegant:


And this.  Swirly:


Going upstairs, a fantastic collection of pieces that recalled the magic of geodes:


Anyone remembering some of my drawing-a-day efforts will understand my appreciation of these towers/columns:  


And speaking of tall things, this crazy cartoon-like sculpture bade us goodbye:


Plus a few Saratoga sightings:


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