Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching up

Difficulties with Blogger made me post on FB but not here.  Time to catch up with the next few images from my old notebook.

On Friday, I posted this sketch.  Done from a sculpture a few years ago at Mass Moca.  I remember a series of very realistic tigers studded with arrows.  It was quite impressive.   

Monday, I posted this early abstraction.  2 Spirals.  I went through a period of spirals and still enjoy looking at them.  Here is below a drawing I did from that sketch, in oil pastels:

Tuesday was the turn of this page:

It shows an early effort at incorporating comics and children's books.  A potential page for Mothers Can't Get Sick were I do do it again.  

And earlier tonight, I posted this sketch of a beautiful statue in Paris and sketched quickly later on from memory:  

Thanks to Google I was able to find that it is by sculptor Baltasar Lobo:

Absolutely no continuity in these images.  I am posting chronologically and they do happen in that order in the notebook.  

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